2018 Collections


Flow is an ongoing collection of expressive handmade wire earrings. Shapes experimentally hammered and folded into new shapes. Each piece is created one time through a process known as creative flow - in which, Hannah creates playfully from a spool of wire without any plan, story or concept in mind - only a feeling within guiding her through the process. After making, Hannah then gives each earring combo a name and number. Like clouds in the sky, all earrings are open for interpretation by the viewer.


Willpower was inspired by and created for a conceptual dance performance in Austin, Texas. Hannah collaborated with choreographer Jenny Alprin from NunaMaana Dance on a topic of mindfulness - how the mind deals with moments of chaos. The performance was danced by Devon Adams from Articulate Austin Dance and Lauren Parra, also from NunaMaana Dance.

Dance City

Dance City is a collection inspired by a roadtrip Hannah took to The Big Thicket of east Texas and New Orleans. This collection encourages finding self-love through letting your body dance, highlights attributes that are so necessary within people, and speaks about importance of human connection to nature.