'Infinity' Choker

'Infinity' Choker

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There are 8 pillars in this necklace. 8 is a very powerful number - it takes the shape of an infinity symbol and is a number that translates to immense endurance and willpower.

Like the ‘Human vs. Matrix’ earrings, the bolting wires of this necklace are symbolic for inner being - which is meant to grow upward and reach for the stars; while the chain represents thoughts. Our thoughts are always there; whether they are protecting or harming us, all growth has a direct relationship with thought. This necklace is a visual example of how thought is one of the most prominent and important relationships in life. 

In the powerful words of Cleo Wade:  

“Healthy thinking does not mean you never have dark thoughts; it just means that you don’t stay in unhelpful thoughts long enough to influence your reality.”

  • Handmade to each order - please allow 2-3 weeks for creation and processing

  • Bronze sheet metal with wire ‘spikes’ soldered in place -finished in 14k gold

  • Also offered in pure sterling silver  

  • Chain looped through the end of each wire, creating a unique pattern

  • Free shipping on all domestic orders

  • Comes with care instructions and a cotton bag for storage  

Willpower was inspired by and created for a conceptual dance performance in Austin, Texas. Hannah collaborated with choreographer Jenny Alprin from NunaMaana Dance on a topic of mindfulness - how the mind deals with moments of chaos. The performance was danced by Devon Adams from Articulate Austin Dance and Lauren Parra, also from NunaMaana Dance.

Gold or Silver:
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