'Lost in the Thicket' Pair of Earrings

'Lost in the Thicket' Pair of Earrings


Traveling isn't just about the final destination. Wonderful discoveries can be made en route, as well, as we found out when camping in East Texas' Big Thicket on the way to New Orleans. 

We sat around a campfire, each of us reading, surrounded by friends and the dense trees of the area. East Texas has such diverse vegetation and wildlife, and in the Big Thicket, you can see the plant life growing on top of each other, competing and cooperating in different ways. Roots, vines, leaves, branches mingle and twist until the individual parts are nearly indistinguishable and they form almost a single entity, just like the twisting, curling veins of bronze that make up this ring.

  • Pair of earrings

  • Small balls of sterling silver wire soldered together

  • Comes with care instructions and a small cotton bag

  • Free shipping for all domestic orders

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