'Middle of a Downward Spiral' Ring

'Middle of a Downward Spiral' Ring


Sometimes life can have obstacles that can feel impossible. Occasionally unforseen chaos can interrupt inner peace. Everyone experiences moments that feel out of control. Through the whirlwind of life’s experiences, what’s important is not to ignore but to recognize and see. Stay grounded and know a negative experience does not define you, but never ignore. It is essential to spiritual growth to recognize all emotions and allow the time for them.

This ring offers an upside down spiral with a very strong grounded wire in the middle.

The upside down spiral is the chaos in life - whether it’s negative thoughts, a challenge or a moment of whiplash. 

The center wire is the person: grounded, attentive, mindful, and without fear.


  • Handmade to each order - please allow 2-3 weeks for creation and processing

  • Bronze wire twisted, hammered and pulled into a spiral motion

  • Soldered together and hand polished to perfection

  • Finished in 14k gold or silver  

  • Free shipping on all domestic orders

  • Comes with care instructions and a cotton bag for storage

Willpower was inspired by and created for a conceptual dance performance in Austin, Texas. Hannah collaborated with choreographer Jenny Alprin from NunaMaana Dance on a topic of mindfulness - how the mind deals with moments of chaos. The performance was danced by Devon Adams from Articulate Austin Dance and Lauren Parra, also from NunaMaana Dance.

Gold or Silver:
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