'Soulful Sounds' Earrings

'Soulful Sounds' Earrings

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Music heals and stirs us within, it is a river of feeling that can touch the souls of people in deep ways. From the experience on the streets in New Orleans dancing, I remember there being a trumpet playing so loudly and I could just feel the sounds in my core, like the music was alive. I think sounds of brass instruments have a certain magic to them. I love how air comes from the belly, through the lungs and out the mouth...journeying through all the curves of a horn and out comes this bright silky brilliant sound that for me translates to a whole set of emotions. 

In New Orleans, the trumpet is king. Blues. Jazz. Swing. The big brass sound of the trumpet is integral to all of the dancing and passion that flows through the streets of the Big Easy. On the trip to Dance City, the sound of trumpets coming through open doors was as though the instrument was alive and able to reach out and grab us by the hand and spin us around the pavement. 

  • This is for a pair of earrings

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  • Bronze trumpets with spiral

  • Finished in white gold

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  • Comes with care instructions and a cotton bag for storage   

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