N. 16 Earrings

N. 16 Earrings


About Collection Flow

I think it's important for every artist to simply make playful, meaningless art when they can. To allow the mind to be free and express itself.

Flow is a gift to myself. It is a creative space for me (Hannah) to express myself in my free time each day without pressure and without care. In the most simple words, I just want to artistically "jam out," then share. To create some artwork without a plan, story or concept - only a present thought/feeling guiding me on what to solder or shape next.

Picture you're gazing into a sky filled with all shapes and sizes of clouds and your eyes catch some funky images within those clouds...you share with a person next to you what you see and they express they see a completely different set of pictures.

Now imagine you could pull those clouds right out of the sky and hang them on your ears!

Much like viewing clouds in the sky, Collection Flow is an expression of subtle images that the viewer is encouraged to assign meaning to.

Each pair of earrings is crafted one time out of a thin gage of wire, then given a number.

This is an ongoing collection meaning I will continue to add more pieces as I feel like doing so.

N. 16 Earrings

  • 3D Sterling Silver pair of earrings

  • Made by hand

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